Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Click on Invoice to Allow Payment via PayPal

Clicking Invoice to Pay via PayPal

Online Payment is not new. We have been paying our bills and online purchases via credit card and merchant services like PayPal etc. As the adoption is increasingly getting popular, we would want to explore how our customers can pay for our services using online payment.

Many would have argued that in B2B businesses (business-to-business), companies would not want to pay via credit card or even debit card. How do online business solutions like Xero, Quickbooks Online and Salesforce CRM receive their subscriptions? Businesses has no choice but to pay via online facilities as these services does not accept off-line payment. So we do feel that acceptance of online payment has to take-off or has already taken off.

Benefits of Online Payment:
  • Faster sales decision as online payment is using credit card (or future money)
  • Better cash flow as money will come in first before your delivery
  • Guaranteed payment compared to risk of bounce cheque
  • Cut down the effort of chasing receivables which may eventually turn into bad debts
  • No more credit terms! Let the merchant bank take the risk, while you take the money first
  • No traveling to bank, look for parking or even engaging courier service to do banking
Therefore the benefits is beyond convenience. 

How do we do it:

Click-to-PayPal Invoice
Click-to-PayPal with Moneyworks

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