Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ransomware is REAL, are you prepared?

How prepared are you for RANSOMEWARE?

I may have spoken to many of you, and also written articles to explain about Ransomeware, but we still receive many emergency disaster recovery request. Especially those who did not adopt our SMESUITE solutions. Those on SMESUITE server, I can leave you out of this message as you are quite well protected. We have not got into any trouble, because we have got you protected all these while.

Refer to business times article dated 1st Aug 2017, 

A third of Singapore SMEs hit by ransomware last year

Survey publish on The Business Time
This email is to remind you to prepare yourself or your company to guard against ransomware attack.

Refer to my 2015 blog: for more information. Old blog, but concept still valid.

For a quick summary, here is what I would suggest:
1. Educate everyone in the office not to open emails which are suspicious
2. Plan back-up strategy: main working copy > local backup > remote copy
3. Use proper file sharing devices (if you are not on SMESUITE), try to get NAS (we recommend QNAP as they do have strategy for protecting your data against Ransomware.

For more information on backup devices and strategy, please feel free to contact us at 63477000.

Hope this article helps you to be more prepared.

William Tan