Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Recent hot buys from SMEs to clear PIC budget

Recent Hot Purchases by SMEs

This is the first time we blog about hardware purchase as this is really the best time for some who are clearing their budget before PIC ends. It applies to those whose year end coincide with calendar year end as PIC ends YA2018 or FY2017.

From IRAS website:
The PIC scheme will expire after YA 2018. Businesses who wish to elect for cash payout option on qualifying expenditure must incur the expenditure by the last day of their basis period for YA 2018.

Here are the hot buys from our sales desk:

HP Prodesk 400 Desktop PC
This obviously is the basic office machine which SMEs would buy to replace their existing machine. This corporate machine is usually stable and would hold a 3 yrs on-site warranty. Coupled with HP's reputation on their service and reliability on corporate series machine, this has no doubt been a hot seller for us this season.

Grandstream IP PBX

Grandstream IP Phone GXP1625
This is the new generation of PABX or key phone system which replaces our old series of Panasonic key phone systems coupled with new SIP phone accounts that saves up some telco subscription.

For more information about these hot sellers, please feel free to contact us at 63477000.

Hope this simple trend buying helps you in your infrastructure spending.

William Tan