Monday, July 24, 2017

IT Setup for SMEs of about 5 employees

IT Setup for SMEs of about 5 to 10 employees

Let's discuss on how an SMEs of about 5 to 10 employees leverage on IT technology in their operations. We are talking about either an engineering, trading and services industry who serve other businesses (Business-to-business operations).

We are going to look into 5 key areas:

  1. Internet and IT infrastructure
  2. Email and Web Hosting
  3. Telephone Setup
  4. Software for business operations
    1. Accounting and Sales
    2. HR management
  5. Future possible expansion
We will break these 5 areas into 5 emails for easier discussion as our intention is to Simplify IT for you.

Starting from Internet and IT Infrastructure:

IT infrastructure is a jargon for bigger companies and normally would include a server room, server rack, cable management etc. However for an SMEs, we can consider simple setup with the following requirements:
  • Connectivity: Running category 5e or 6 network cables (easily available and is about $95 to $120 per point) for connectivity. Alternatively, you can consider going for wireless, however, nothing is as stable as cable.
  • Router: Usually provided by Internet Service Provider (Starhub, Singtel, M1 etc) when you sign up with a contractual plan of 24 months.
  • Internet Plan: You can subscribe to a fibre plan typically below $100 for 30Mbps and above. Do compare with Singtel, Starhub and other smaller players (like MyRepublic) for best deals if available, but do not compromise on stability and reliability.
  • Network Switch: You can go for 100 Mbps switch or 1 Gbps switch with either 8-port or 16 Port with POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) to compliment your telephony equipment and wireless Access Point for mobile devices.
  • File Server: You can consider NAS which you will need to learn how to maintain or administer or get SMESUITE which covers the services to administer and maintain it for you.
  • Backup: Buying a NAS with RAID is not equivalent to backup. You need a separate harddisk with similar capacity to backup your NAS. However if you choose to go for SMESUITE, all backup are taken care of.
  • Printer: Multi-function laser printer which acts as laster printer, scanner and fax should be good enough for most us. However, avoid copiers unless there is necessity to do mass printing. Attempt to discourage physical print copy if possible as not only it cost more to print physical paper with expensive ink, but also take up storage. 
Simple example of network setup

* Note: You may subscribe to Dropbox or equivalent of cloud storage (monthly subscription applies).

Please feel free to contact us for assistance or clarifications.

We seek to help making IT simple for SMEs.

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Moneyworks Professional Payment Voucher

Moneyworks Professional Payment Voucher

You might have seen or received bank's payment voucher with detachable cheque for you to tear out and bank in, while payment voucher is for your filing and reference. Banks do sell them for about S$1 per cheque.

Sample payment voucher with attached cheque
This desired format does have benefits:

  • Automation in cheque printing without having separate cheque writer
  • Professional and error free as all handwriting is eliminated
  • Alignment of address ease you from writing on envelop
  • Faster in processing payment without repeat writing in envelopment, voucher and cheque
However, to buy from bank at $1 per cheque, is not really practical for cost conscious SMEs.

If you are using Moneyworks, we are prepared to share this simple hack. All you need to is get your printing company to cut some slots and with perforated line for tearing as shown in the youtube video:

This method may cost you a fraction of the cost charge by bank and your free cheques (for some corporate bank account) can still be presented in a very professional way!

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