Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Compelling reasons of choosing MoneyWorks over ABSS (or MYOB)

I have blogged about the comparison between MYOB and Moneyworks in the middle of last year. You may read about it here. This time, I will go full swing on my stand to move my passion from MYOB (now known as ABSS) to MoneyWorks.

I have been selling MYOB since 1997 with great passion and we are generally known as MYOB by our customers although that's not our company name. We are also know in MYOB partners' community as the early pioneer advocates.

In 2005, we started hearing our SME customers' feedbacks and complains:
1. MYOB is very slow, generally crawling speed
2. MYOB file corruption
3. Software is rigid, as nothing can be customised
4. Software cannot be access when not in office
5. Cannot integrate with external software

We did some research and notice many SMEs in Australia and New Zealand face the same issue, and many forum points us to this software MoneyWorks. So it took us one year to evaluate the software base on the 5 main complain points and derive the following contrasting conclusion:

1. MoneyWorks is very efficient in speed, even on wireless (wireless transfer is typically slower than cable and also stability is a concern)
2. MoneyWorks runs without a trace of corruption even we abruptly cut off the connection. Since our first sale of MoneyWorks in 2006, no customer had ever complain or face any data corruption.
3. MoneyWorks transaction views, analysis and even reports can be customised. You can even write simple program to do some simple automation.
4. MoneyWorks Datacentre edition can be configured for external access via internet efficiently
5. MoneyWorks REST API had created tremendous possibility for our customers to integrate it to Salesforce, Magento, Woocommerce, BluPortal and more. Watch this video for woocommerce integration

What else can we say about the comparison between the 2 of them within similar price range?

Above the compelling reason, here are some other positive points MoneyWorks scored against their competitor ABSS (previously MYOB):
a) Serial number & Batch number tracking for inventory
b) Unlimited company files (compared to ABSS which offers 5 data files and pay extra up to 99 data files at about $200 per 5 additional company files)
c) Departmental accounting
d) Google search capability
e) Digital file attached to transaction for digital filing

I have an inexhaustible list that can go on and on. However, we have one small hurdle that will hinder most of the customers: the resistance to change...

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William Tan
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

MYOB is now rebrand as ABSS in Asia

MYOB is now ABSS

As of 2018, MYOB products will be known and sold as ABSS for Asia market.

Will replace this:


MYOB Accounting
MYOB Premier

Will now be replaced with:

ABSS Accounting
ABSS Premier

How does it affect those who previously bought MYOB? 
Answer: Nothing has changed, you can continue to use MYOB as it is.

How does it affect you who wants to buy new MYOB?
Answer: It will be sold as ABSS instead of MYOB.

What if I want to upgrade to the latest version?
Answer: You will be upgraded to ABSS latest version instead.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

William Tan