Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Compelling reasons of choosing MoneyWorks over ABSS (or MYOB)

I have blogged about the comparison between MYOB and Moneyworks in the middle of last year. You may read about it here. This time, I will go full swing on my stand to move my passion from MYOB (now known as ABSS) to MoneyWorks.

I have been selling MYOB since 1997 with great passion and we are generally known as MYOB by our customers although that's not our company name. We are also know in MYOB partners' community as the early pioneer advocates.

In 2005, we started hearing our SME customers' feedbacks and complains:
1. MYOB is very slow, generally crawling speed
2. MYOB file corruption
3. Software is rigid, as nothing can be customised
4. Software cannot be access when not in office
5. Cannot integrate with external software

We did some research and notice many SMEs in Australia and New Zealand face the same issue, and many forum points us to this software MoneyWorks. So it took us one year to evaluate the software base on the 5 main complain points and derive the following contrasting conclusion:

1. MoneyWorks is very efficient in speed, even on wireless (wireless transfer is typically slower than cable and also stability is a concern)
2. MoneyWorks runs without a trace of corruption even we abruptly cut off the connection. Since our first sale of MoneyWorks in 2006, no customer had ever complain or face any data corruption.
3. MoneyWorks transaction views, analysis and even reports can be customised. You can even write simple program to do some simple automation.
4. MoneyWorks Datacentre edition can be configured for external access via internet efficiently
5. MoneyWorks REST API had created tremendous possibility for our customers to integrate it to Salesforce, Magento, Woocommerce, BluPortal and more. Watch this video for woocommerce integration

What else can we say about the comparison between the 2 of them within similar price range?

Above the compelling reason, here are some other positive points MoneyWorks scored against their competitor ABSS (previously MYOB):
a) Serial number & Batch number tracking for inventory
b) Unlimited company files (compared to ABSS which offers 5 data files and pay extra up to 99 data files at about $200 per 5 additional company files)
c) Departmental accounting
d) Google search capability
e) Digital file attached to transaction for digital filing

I have an inexhaustible list that can go on and on. However, we have one small hurdle that will hinder most of the customers: the resistance to change...

Download to try MoneyWorks today!

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William Tan
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Sunday, January 14, 2018

MYOB is now rebrand as ABSS in Asia

MYOB is now ABSS

As of 2018, MYOB products will be known and sold as ABSS for Asia market.

Will replace this:


MYOB Accounting
MYOB Premier

Will now be replaced with:

ABSS Accounting
ABSS Premier

How does it affect those who previously bought MYOB? 
Answer: Nothing has changed, you can continue to use MYOB as it is.

How does it affect you who wants to buy new MYOB?
Answer: It will be sold as ABSS instead of MYOB.

What if I want to upgrade to the latest version?
Answer: You will be upgraded to ABSS latest version instead.

Please feel free to contact us for further clarifications.

William Tan

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Ransomware is REAL, are you prepared?

How prepared are you for RANSOMEWARE?

I may have spoken to many of you, and also written articles to explain about Ransomeware, but we still receive many emergency disaster recovery request. Especially those who did not adopt our SMESUITE solutions. Those on SMESUITE server, I can leave you out of this message as you are quite well protected. We have not got into any trouble, because we have got you protected all these while.

Refer to business times article dated 1st Aug 2017, 

A third of Singapore SMEs hit by ransomware last year

Survey publish on The Business Time
This email is to remind you to prepare yourself or your company to guard against ransomware attack.

Refer to my 2015 blog: http://amcgroupsg.blogspot.sg/2015/09/backup-your-myob-data-against-ransomware.html for more information. Old blog, but concept still valid.

For a quick summary, here is what I would suggest:
1. Educate everyone in the office not to open emails which are suspicious
2. Plan back-up strategy: main working copy > local backup > remote copy
3. Use proper file sharing devices (if you are not on SMESUITE), try to get NAS (we recommend QNAP as they do have strategy for protecting your data against Ransomware.

For more information on backup devices and strategy, please feel free to contact us at 63477000.

Hope this article helps you to be more prepared.

William Tan

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Recent hot buys from SMEs to clear PIC budget

Recent Hot Purchases by SMEs

This is the first time we blog about hardware purchase as this is really the best time for some who are clearing their budget before PIC ends. It applies to those whose year end coincide with calendar year end as PIC ends YA2018 or FY2017.

From IRAS website:
The PIC scheme will expire after YA 2018. Businesses who wish to elect for cash payout option on qualifying expenditure must incur the expenditure by the last day of their basis period for YA 2018.

Here are the hot buys from our sales desk:

HP Prodesk 400 Desktop PC
This obviously is the basic office machine which SMEs would buy to replace their existing machine. This corporate machine is usually stable and would hold a 3 yrs on-site warranty. Coupled with HP's reputation on their service and reliability on corporate series machine, this has no doubt been a hot seller for us this season.

Grandstream IP PBX

Grandstream IP Phone GXP1625
This is the new generation of PABX or key phone system which replaces our old series of Panasonic key phone systems coupled with new SIP phone accounts that saves up some telco subscription.

For more information about these hot sellers, please feel free to contact us at 63477000.

Hope this simple trend buying helps you in your infrastructure spending.

William Tan

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

PIC Ending Soon - Do you have plans to spend IT wisely?

PIC Expiring YA2018

Do you know PIC is expiring YA2018? With reference to IRAS website on PIC expiry, what does this means?

YA 2018 means your accounting period year financial year (FY) ending 2017. For those whose FY 2017 has closed, means your PIC has already ended. Only those whose year end falls in November or December 2017 is still eligible. For those company FY 2017 has ended, please remember to claim your PIC for the last time. Means all PIC eligible expenses, you may claim 40% cash rebate (or 60% if eligible expenses was incurred before 1 August 2016) from IRAS or tax deduction of 400%. Again, please refer to IRAS website on this.

A reminder for those who wants to claim cash reimbursement from IRAS, you need to have at least 3 local staff with CPF contribution (shareholders are not included). For tax deduction, please refer to your tax agent for assistance.

Since this is the last round, for the benefit of those who are still eligible to spend PIC eligible expenses, here are quick guidelines:

  1. Spend wisely on solutions you need
  2. Avoid cash rebate or "special deals" arrangements with your vendors
  3. Avoid last minute purchase to prevent delivery delays
  4. Do not try to be creative with things, spend on what you need
Please refer to 6 categories of expenses you can consider in IRAS website. 

Meanwhile the most common category applicable to all companies are:
Acquisition and Leasing of PIC IT and Automation Equipment is common among SMEs especially we will use this to acquire our machines, PCs and laptop for operation uses. Please replace your equipment if they are old, out of warranty or getting cranky. Else the maintenance plus future replacement will be at full cost. Another possible option is to source for software solutions that can automate or speed up your work processes or operations. 

Training of Employees
Do send treasured human capital for some useful training so that they can be a more future proof workforce for you. Note that training for both local or foreign employees are eligible for PIC which most training grant does not cover foreign employees.

Here are some quick items to consider:
  1. PC, laptops, printers, servers and other IT hardware equipment 
  2. Machines that help automate your production or processes
  3. Software solutions including accounting software, HR software, CRM, E-commcerce, Point-of-sales and ERP solutions
  4. Telephony system for office (they must be IP PBX systems, not traditional PABX)
Hope this article helps you decide how you can spend wisely to upgrade your organisation as a whole.

Call us for more information.

William Tan

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

IT Setup for SMEs of about 5 employees (Part 4-2)

IT Setup for SMEs - HR Management System

While company of 5 employees are simple to managed. Most SMEs of this size start without any system. They will use manually file employees CV in random places (drawers or cabinets), keep salary records in computer as excel files, most time do not even have place to record leave of absence. 

What is the implications to employees:

  1. Fear of miscalculation of their leave or pay as bosses process records manually
  2. Uncertain of their entitlement and pass usage
  3. HR records accidentally view by co-workers
  4. Uncertain of approval of leave due to availability and fairness due to favouritism
  5. Uncertain if pay calculation is not to their advantage
How about implications to employers:
  1. Wrong calculation of pay causes employees to lodge complain directly to authorities
  2. Abuse of leave system without knowing due to not keeping proper records
  3. Lack of confidentiality can cause employees morale if they happen to chance upon other's salary and/or biodata
So what kind of system should we have?
  • SMESUITE - Covers eHR, eLeave, ePayroll and eClaims which is what is simple business would need. Employees has full control over leave usage and knowledge of proper record, proper payroll system that comply with authorities, secure HR records, simple claims process
  • Payroll Oncloud -  Covers just payroll and leave process, allows employers to even outsource the payroll process and leave management to external dedicated team take care of non-core business activities from management at a very affordable rate.
Here are the 4 main core modules of HR System:
  • HR - Manages employees bio-data within the portal or system
  • Payroll - Process pay according to authorities (MOM, CPF and IRAS for Singapore context)
  • Leave - Manages leave approval processes and historical records
  • Claims - Process expenses claim for employees

HR Management System can be simple and affordable.

Call us for more information.

William Tan